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Personalized medicine is the “next big thing” in health care. But until now, most work has been done in separate industry silos. Tackling something this complex requires a joint effort.
MED-C is bringing together each of health care’s key groups – patients, physicians, payors, labs, pharma and regulators — to help unlock the tremendous potential of personalized medicine.

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The Molecular Evidence Development Consortium, but you can call us MED-C. We are a nonprofit organization created to help make personalized medicine not an unattainable dream, but reality.
MED-C is launching a vast database that will gather genomic-level data on cancer patients and thorough information about their treatments and clinical outcomes. Patients will receive more effective, individualized treatment. Researchers will have available a trove of data to advance their work. Society will save billions of dollars in ineffective cancer care.
MED-C is about working together. We make cancer knowledge and research available to everyone.
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